Whisper Ultra Clean

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Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary pads

Nearly* 40% longer pad for all day long protection.

Dream big everyday and do all that it takes to make them come true. Be it a long day outdoors or a back to back meeting marathon; do not put your plans on hold because of periods. If your ordinary pad is forcing you to cut your day short it’s about time you switch to something better.

Be that unstoppable you even during your period with Whisper Ultra Clean. It is nearly 40% longer* that lasts all day long so that you can make the most of everyday even during your periods. So now make big plans in your unstoppable quest to make it happen - whether it is for dream career or passion to learn something new. With Whisper Ultra Clean by your side, Ab Kadam Badhaye Ja!

*vs. an ordinary pad

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1.4 out of 5
1.4 out of 5