Whisper Ultra Clean Day & Night Pack (15s)

Whisper Ultra Clean Day & Night

Ultra Clean’s system pack for Superior Day and Overnights protection Learn more

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Whisper Ultra Clean Day & Night
Whisper Ultra Clean Day & Night

Whisper Ultra Clean Day & Night Pack (15s)

Whisper Ultra’s Day & Night pack combines the best of Whisper Ultra Clean Wings product for regular day usage and superior Overnight protection with Nights pack to give you a long lasting protection*. Specially designed for Overnight usage during your Heavy flow days with Longer length** and Wide back for protection against back leaks. Its Dri-Weave™ Cover provides soft, dry protection and the Super Absorbent Core pulls fluid deep into the core and away from the edges.

Now upgrade to Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings Extra Heavyflow™ because compared to ordinary pads 1 Whisper Ultra Clean absorbs gush 5X better***

Also available in a pack of 30 pads

* as per consumer and technical data generated by P&G. Users should use appropriate pad and change according to their flow.
**compared to Whisper Ultra Clean Wings, Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings
*** based on gush absorbency and total average load per bad. Based on P&G data and other third party data Feb 2013

Reviews from Whisper's Facebook fans Reviews from Whisper's Facebook fans
"I love whisper because its my true friend forever. Once i had to go to a college camp at a jungle and suddenly i realized that my periods got started.I was really tense and frustrated as we have to wear white pants during out tracking.At that time one of my friend gave me a pack of Whisper and believe me when i used it i didn't even realized i am in my periods.IT really helped me a lot.The pads are so comfortable.There is no tension of leakage,easy to absorb and the best thing is it made me fresh all day because it is odourless. Love you Whisper."
Priyadarshni Narula
"Imagine this: You are all set with your girl gang. Your bags are packed. You are ready to roll. Off to Goa baby! And then thanks to the all finishing-work-at-last-minute-and-had-to-board-the-train-running stress takes over! Lo & behold I am suddenly down, in the middle of a holiday! But then Whisper came to my rescue! With long hours of comfort and warm company of girl friends, I had a rollicking time! Thank you Whisper! What would I do without you?"
"A girl's best friend! Whisper has helped me feel comfortable and confident on numerous occasions - During my most memorable Goa trip, the stressful nights before final exams or my best friend’s wedding. My monthly visitor can never curb my enthusiasm for life. It occupies a permanent place in my handbag. A whisper girl can kiss her worries goodbye, with a small pack in bag, she can fly high ;)"
Pooja Nayyar
"It makes us comfortable, tension free for a long time period specially in those conditions where its not possible to change timely and provides 100% safety regarding staining problems."
Bhavinee Sharma
"i was doing a dance show..one day i had to deal with lots of reharsal for the governemnt show on final day and that too outdoor for a very well known celebrities cricket team.. that day i was on my periods... the whole day i was least care about change :) i rocked the dance show ant did well in reharsal too... i almost forgot that i was on my 2nd day of period ...thanx to whisper for providing us Ultra Thin, wings, scent, superior absorbency in 1 second, and we'll never stop looking for ways to keep you cleaner, drier, and more comfortable pads..<3"
"Day travel and early morning flights for client meetings, trip to remote villages for my companys CSR work with no loo in sight....fitting trousers, light clothes now all are possible on those days coz of Whisper. Thanks You for giving me wings."
Nidhi Chandna
"What would I have done without you! You have saved me so many days & lasted me through the nights. You know beauty sleep is so important for girls and during periods, most girls keep an alarm to change! Not me J I have you and that’s enough for me. Sometimes when I didn’t have the opportunity to change for long hours, I didn’t have to worry! Sometimes, it’s heavy flow, but you’ve always been there for me like my one true friend. Thank you soo much for making my life easier, for making my periods more comfortable."
"The quality of your sanitary napkins beats every other brand out there, downright. I gave my board examinations recently and it is only because of Whisper that I had immense comfort and did not bother once about any stains. And I scored well! I have had to travel a lot by trains and buses for long hours recently, and Whisper came to my rescue every time! So I can confidently swear by it any day, thanks to its comfort, high absorbent capacity and fragrance. Thanks a lot, Whisper!"
"I am a playgroup teacher and have to run behind little kids and make them study,but during my periods i used to worry a lot about staining problems ,what if i dont smell fresh all day long!!!! but with whisper I am totally relaxed ,I dont worry at all. Now whisper is my lifelong companion and i refer it to all my friends and family members. With whisper I have got my confidence back and i smell fresh all day. Its a really comfortable pad that i really forget that i am having my periods.love u whisper!!!!!!!"
Tulip Singh
"Sometimes I really want to Whisper out Loud about you.You have protected me in so many difficult times.Once we got stuck in the middle of the road when we were coming back from Leh. We stayed over there for 48hrs with out a bathroom even with out any extra whisper.And I was in 2nd day of my period. But I stayed safe,protected. You are not just a pad.You are WHISPER of love,care & bond of faith."
Priyanka Ghosh
"Hi, I used to learn classical dance and it was my exam. I was scared about it because it was my second day and with dress, make up and everything i knew i won't be able to change. I was worried about getting stained while performing but thanks to whisper it protected me well from staining. Whisper is a friend in all my performances :)"
"I am really thankful to you to be there in my those days. You give me a fresh morning without any fear of stain on my bed sheet or my clothes. You give me confidence whole day, n keep me away from being tensed about stain and odour. You really do a great job. Thanks!"
Akanksha Singh
New Delhi
"thank you being my best friend during the most tough situations. i was going on vacations with my friends and i had to travel whole night till noon. our bus also didnt had enough stops and the ones that were there were in jungles without washrooms but do u think i was tensed no.. !! second day of periods n whole night journey. you kept all your promises and i had happy and eventful journey full of trekking and sight seeing . when you are there whisper.. life just smoothly moves onn..!! (y)"
shaifalee tyagi
New Delhi
"you make me feel comfortable & more confident .where ever i am whether traveling in bus,playing games,driving in car or spending the whole day in my school before i was worried about stains & i was unable to teach anything properly to my kids.but when i started using the Whisper i never worried about stains now i am teaching dance steps,playing & doing exercise along with my kids very easily. Do you know best thing about u is u always locked in your place not move here & there.you are so soft,so quite&so comfortable to wear in any dress it's go perfect with all.Thanks Whisper for making my difficult time much easier .I always say Jab Whisper hai saath toh asaan hai har mushkil baat."
Paramjeet Kaur
"Chums are like uninvited guest.! :( the thought scares me to the bottom. It gives me a feeling of partiality. Why do girls have to go through all this when boys enjoy.! But then women also have the gift of bearing a child.! Whisper is a boon in those period days, when everything seems to be glum and gloomy.! With Whisper's extra long pads with wings, there's no feeling of a heavy flow.! It works magic. And it makes the horrible days feel normal.! We can jump, dance, laugh out loud, being completely carefree.! All thanks to Whisper. It makes me a confident lady.! :)"
Ankita Tiwari
"Dear Whisper, I am a college going girl so during periods time i have to make sure that it dosent give me a stain so i always be in tension of my image being stained nd in college or when i m out i cant change so i cant enjoy myself...after using whisper it give me confidence to enjoy like ordinary days and to wear white without any staining tension. it keeps me tension free the whole day. i dont have to change the whole day.thank you whisper..."
Radhika Mantri
"I am using whisper since I had my first period as I am a basketball player whisper helped me a lot to cope up.It makes me feel fresh,confident and comfortable.Thank you whisper"
"Whisper really works I can bet on it. Once I had to go for my medical entrance exam it was so important day for me and after exam I directly had to go for my train journey back to home but unfortunately I was having periods that time. I had no time to change as u know how bad these train journeys are. But, thanks to u whisper I gave my exam without any tension and fear of staining and my journey was completely comfortable it worked whole day. I am grateful to u whisper thanks for being there with me."
Shristi durga